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See how Maley E. helped DCU Next Generation on a Document Template Design project

Godfrey A
Godfrey A.
Executive Director
Maley E
Maley E.
Matched on
Nov 11, 2020
Hours Given
3 Hours
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What did DCU Next Generation need?

Maley helped DCU Next Generation by designing a document or general template based on the Organization's visual guidelines.

Why is this project important?

With so many updates to our organization I want to make sure that there is consistent branding throughout every facet of our organization. This project will allow us to establish that branding via our communications both internally and externally,

This project will save us $945, allowing us to prepare for our first suite of online course material to reach those that maybe affected by the pandemic.

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Godfrey A
Godfrey A.
Executive Director
Final Product
Visual Design Assets
Cause Areas
Community & Economic Development
Youth Development
DCU Next Generation
Wixom, Michigan, USA

What did Maley have to offer?

I recently graduated with my bachelors in marketing while living abroad in the United Kingdom. My focus within my degree was digital marketing. I also have personal experience with the Adobe Creative Suite.

Graphic Design
  • Experience creating templates with samples of work available
  • Excellent graphic design skills are a plus
Maley E
Maley E.
Kettering, United Kingdom

What did they have to say?

After a brief conception discussion, Maley created an amazing document template that represents our organization perfectly. I am so excited to use this template in our correspondence!

Godfrey A

Godfrey A.

Executive Director

About DCU Next Generation

Cultivating healthy financial literacy environments for underserved communities through early education, entrepreneurship opportunities, and engaged advocacy.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Do you remember how amazing you felt when you first learned how to ride a bike, read a book by yourself, cook a meal? Empowered, right? We get to see individuals feel that same sense of accomplishment through our financial education initiatives.

This is the 32nd project posted by DCU Next Generation.

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